In Memory of Ana



Doggy Dash was created in 2014 in honor of my beautiful boy Chuck. His passing left me with a void so deep that I could not imagine how I would get through it. Doggy Dash gave me a purpose, and it gave Chuck a legacy. 

This year, we dedicate Doggy Dash to someone very near and dear to our hearts, our beloved, Ana. 

Ana was rescued from Miracle Dog Rescue back in December of 2010. She was only 6 months old at the time and at risk of being put to sleep. She came home with Payal and Ketan Patel who were mourning the loss of their dog Ginger. They went to the shelter that day in December and saw Ana and fell in love. They would soon become the best brother and sister Ana could ever hope for. At first when entering the Patel home, she was met with hesitation. Payal & Ketan’s parents were not ready to welcome in another dog as they were devastated at the loss of Ginger. However, soon enough, Ana melted their hearts and became the most valued member of their family. 

As with most fur babies, there are so many things that they contribute to our lives. Their mere presence is a source of comfort and peace for so many of us. Ana was that for her family. She was full of personality. She would manage to make her way onto the sofa by throwing pillows on the floor first, then leveraging those to take her seat on the couch (kicking off anyone that may have been sitting there). She was afraid of flies. Yes Flies. If a fly entered the room Ana would run upstairs and hide. She loved music and hearing live singing. In fact, Payal & Ketan’s parents were singers. When they practiced for a show, Ana would sit close by, and listen to them perform. She was their biggest fan. 

Ana left us on Thursday February 13 at 5am. She didn’t bother anyone. She didn’t Bark or wake anyone up. She went quickly and we pray, peacefully. To say that she left many broken hearts is an understatement. 

Ana, you are missed so terribly. The void you left is immeasurable. You were a blessing and the best sister, daughter and friend anyone could have ever asked for. 

May you rest in peace. Say hello to Chuck for me. Chase some squirrels and cause some ruckus. 

Until we meet again.