2018 Doggy Dash in Memory of Dr. Kamlesh Kachare



The 2018 Doggy Dash Cause for Paws will be in honor of Dr. Kamlesh Kachare.


In November of 2002 I was given my beloved Chuck as a gift from Dr. Kachare and her Son. I could not understand at that moment that this gift would change my life forever. Chuck became an integral part of my world, and as many of you know our fur-babies invoke a love in us we did not feel we were capable of. 

Eleven years later, I lost Chuck to a cancer that went undetected because of how rare it was. After Chuck had passed I turned my grief into a mission. I volunteered and worked with a local rescue, and then put my heart into Doggy Dash to raise funds for Animal Cancer research. The person who was cheering me along, all the while battling cancer silently on her own, was Dr. Kachare. She knew my grief as she too lost her precious dog Nanu to cancer only a few years prior. She was there during Chuck’s last days to hold my hand (and his paw) and make sure I was ok. So when Doggy Dash came to fruition, it was natural I shared it with her and she was proud of what I had built in his name. 

Last year, shortly after the 3rd Doggy Dash, Dr. Kachare lost her own battle with cancer and I lost one of my biggest supporters.  She was one of the most generous and amazing women I knew and she had touched so many lives, not just my own.  So to me it was only fitting that this year be in honor of her memory. 

So please join me in celebrating her life and her passion for animals, through one really great cause. 

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